Strengthen Active Directory Protections

Strengthen Active Directory Protections

The beating heart of enterprise authentication and zero trust is Microsoft’s Active Directory.  AD is aging, misunderstood, and largely unprotected, leading to devastating losses. Stealing AD credentials is the perfect complement to ransomware. Nearly every attacker aims to manoeuvre into AD domains and manipulate their weaknesses. This then enables such techniques as lateral movement across an organisations network, where they can eventually get access to the information they want and steal, destroy or encrypt.

The Attivo Networks ADAssessor provides continuous visibility to Active Directory (AD) exposures that are vulnerable to attack and detects advanced Active Directory attacks in real time. Its critical capabilities include

  • Find Exposures: Detect and fix AD weaknesses and exposures
  • Reduce Attack Surface: Eliminate excess and unneeded privileges
  • Detect Attacks: Detect advanced attacks targeting AD in real-time
  • Flexible Use: Periodically and automatically reanalyze AD

The benefit is an immediate value gain by identifying and remediating Active Directory security hygiene issues:

  • Early – Real-time unauthorized AD query detection
  • Visibility – Detect AD security hygiene issues
  • Conditional Access – Granularly restricts AD information access. No impact to business operations
  • Actionable – Substantiated alerts for key exposures at the domain, computer, and user level
  • Comprehensive – Covers on-premises and multi-cloud environments
  • Continuous – Constant visibility into identities and service account risk

Attivo Networks is offering partners the capability to identify clear data of where their customers are vulnerable in under 2 hours with ADAssessor and then help remediate with a special promotion to partners:

  • Free training on how to demonstrate and then deliver/report an AD Assessment, including access to a Attivo demo environment
  • A free-of-charge ADAssessor license for use in own lab environment, plus, initially, 2 free-of-charge temporary licenses to deliver into potential customers.

Download the ADAssessor solution brief here.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager for more information on the ADAssessor promotion to enable partners to perform AD Assessments for their customers or to learn more about the Attivo Networks Active Directory solution.