Imperva: WAAP (Web Application and API Protection)

WAAP (Web Application and API Protection)

WAAP is a term coined by Gartner to describe cloud-based services that protect applications and APIs from attack. WAAP is the next generation of WAF. WAAP provides advanced application security and at its core is a suite of tools that includes next-generation WAF, API security, advanced bot protection and DDoS protection. Together, these tools enable maximum power against even the most sophisticated threats and attacks.

From WAF to WAAP

WAFs have been the standard solution for application security for decades. The WAF is a reverse proxy server that acts between a web application and users. User requests are routed to the WAF, where they are inspected for malicious characteristics before being forwarded to the application. WAFs are useful for protecting against many known threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and buffer overflow attacks. But the fact is, WAF is no longer enough.

WAAP with Imperva

As an evolution of WAF, Imperva offers significantly improved protection with single-stack WAAP. All tools integrate seamlessly, protecting applications from sophisticated attacks and providing customers with a comprehensive view of their environment. The tooling has a near-zero false positive rate, has flexible deployment methods and fully supports a comprehensive security model. Imperva also emphasizes customer focus. So it’s clear: support teams are available directly or via Exclusive Networks at any time.

API Security

API Security provides insight into and protection for API ecosystems that is not possible with a conventional WAF and API gateway alone. API Security consistently protects against API vulnerabilities, including the OWASP API Top 10, and this tool can perform detection and shed light on any shadow APIs IT teams may have.

Advanced Bot Protection (ABP).

Bots are notoriously difficult to identify. Not a problem for ABP, however. ABP reliably protects websites, mobile devices and APIs from business attacks. ABP can reliably distinguish between human and bot traffic, ensuring that malicious bots are blocked while legitimate traffic is unaffected. ABP also protects businesses from ATO by stopping credential stuffing and brute force attacks.

Attack Analytics

While the components of WAAP each enable maximum security, the Attack Analytics analysis tool ties it all together. Using data from WAF, DDoS, API Security and Account Takeover, Attack Analytics examines thousands of security events and aggregates them into unique alerts. Each alert includes a detailed description of an attack, so analysts can find everything they need to know right on their screen.

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