Intensive research, maximum safety, best solution: rubric

Intensive research, maximum safety, best solution: rubric

Currently, more than 4,500 customers worldwide rely on Rubrik to secure their data and keep their businesses running, including companies such as BMO Financial Group, Citigroup, Estee Lauder and The Home Depot. Based on the integration of Rubrik Zero Labs, we can all expect Rubrik to provide even faster and more accurate best practices to protect your customers’ data against the growing threat of cyber events.

Steven Stone named new head of Rubrik Zero Labs

Rubrik has just announced that Steven Stone has been named head of Rubrik Zero Labs. Stone will lead Rubrik’s new data threat research unit to uncover real-world intrusions from a range of threats, from espionage-based data breaches to ransomware attacks. Stone has more than 15 years of threat intelligence experience and has held positions in the U.S. military, intelligence agencies and private industry.

“Data and intelligence are critical to understanding, responding to, preventing, and managing cyber incidents. In many cases, data is not understood comprehensively enough in the threat landscape, and we want to close that gap. Comprehensive threat data will enable organizations to make informed decisions so they are prepared for all types of cyber threats. I’m looking forward to building the Data Threat Intelligence practice at Rubrik and helping to provide your customers with the insights to stay ahead of all threats.” – Steven Stone

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