Only one thing helps against attack surfaces in the Active Directory: Become active now

Only one thing helps against attack surfaces in the Active Directory: Become active now

Today, every organization can prevent attackers from gaining access to its Active Directory and Azure AD data. Whether that data is in an on-premises environment or in the cloud. In addition, access escalations, presence establishments and lateral movements can be accurately identified. Singularity Ranger AD provides all the capabilities here. Most important requirement: Offer now!

Here are the most important advantages at a glance

  • Your customers analyze configuration changes to comply with best practices and remediate overly large entitlements using rapid remediation actions.
  • Serious vulnerabilities at the domain, machine, and user levels are continuously and automatically identified in Active Directory and Azure AD.
  • Organizations can monitor AD and Azure AD both continuously and proactively on demand for activity that indicates potential attacks.

Singularity Ranger AD doesn’t do things by halves. Here are all the details:

Relevant AD Vulnerability Insights

  • Clearly view the status of your AD and Azure AD thanks to hundreds of real-time vulnerability scans.
  • Detect domain-level threats, including insufficient policies, credential capture, and Kerberos vulnerabilities.
  • Detect user-level threats through AD object analysis, privileged account auditing, inactive account discovery, and shared credential identification.
  • Device-level attack path overview including unauthorized domain controllers, operating system issues, and vulnerabilities.

Detection of attack indicators

  • Reliable and continuous visibility into AD attack indicators without disrupting business operations.
  • Detection of identity and service account misuse.
  • Reduce mean response time to unauthorized overly numerous account and password changes.

Quick readiness

  • Easy implementation with minimal friction losses
  • Greater flexibility and easy maintenance thanks to on-premises and SaaS deployment options
  • Full coverage of on-premises Active Directory, Azure AD, and multi-cloud environments

Offer Singularity Ranger AD now!

Enable your customers to get the best possible protection for their Active Directory. For more information about the solution, click here.