One Identity Privileged Access Management: Only those who are allowed in can get in

One Identity Privileged Access Management: Only those who are allowed in can get in

Unsecured, privileged accounts can become a huge risk. For example, if an administrator’s credentials fall into the wrong hands, it can compromise a company’s systems.

Intelligent control, maximum security

One Identity Privileged Access Management (PAM) ensures that identities requiring higher privileges can only access systems and credentials in a controlled manner. One Identity PAM identifies which accounts have appropriate access and then automatically manages them based on pre-defined policies, such as enforcing multi-factor authentication before granting use.

Here’s an overview of the key capabilities:

  • Monitor and record activity in privileged environments and maintain visibility: PAM provides complete visibility into which users have privileges to various resources. One platform manages and monitors privileged accounts and creates detailed logs of all privileged sessions.
  • Protection against internal and external unauthorized access: Based on PAM, all privileged sessions can be tracked to detect anomalies early and remediate them in a timely manner.
  • Improve compliance: Effective management of privileged accounts facilitates compliance by proving that users can access only the resources they need to do their jobs.
  • Productivity and ease of use: PAM enables maximum security measures to be put in place without disrupting business productivity and, more specifically, without disrupting ongoing operations.
    Reliable, privileged information is at your fingertips

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