Over 90 % of Global Organizations Surveyed Have Major Gaps in IT

Tanium, provider of unified endpoint management and security built for the world’s most demanding IT environments, has unveiled new global research ahead of the second anniversary of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The research shows misalignment between data privacy regulation spending and business outcomes. Specifically, as businesses spend tens of millions on compliance, over 90 % have fundamental IT weaknesses that leave them vulnerable and potentially non-compliant.

However, despite increased investments, organizations still feel unprepared to deal with the evolving regulatory landscape, with over a third (37 percent) claiming that a lack of visibility and control of endpoints is the biggest barrier to maintaining compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

This lack of visibility into how organizations see and manage endpoints such as laptops, servers, virtual machines, containers and cloud infrastructure causes major challenges. Mass home working and employee use of personal devices is likely to exacerbate these problems further, expanding the corporate attack surface.

The majority (91 %) of respondents in the research acknowledged fundamental weak points within their organizations that are preventing a comprehensive view of their IT estate. These visibility gaps are being caused by a lack of unity between IT, operations and security teams (39 %), a lack of resources to effectively manage their IT estate (31 %), legacy systems which don’t give them accurate information (31 %), shadow IT (29 %) and too many tools used across their business (29 %).

Chris Hodson, Chief Information Security Officer at Tanium concluded:

“Technology leaders need to focus on the fundamentals of unified endpoint management and security to drive rapid incident response and improved decision making. The first step must be gaining real-time visibility of these endpoints, which is a crucial prerequisite to improved IT hygiene, effective risk management, and regulatory compliance. With most teams working from home these days and many having to use their own devices, this has never been more important.”

The full Visibility Gap report can be found here.

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