Rubrik Advances its Polaris Data Management Platform

To transform organizations into Data-Forward Enterprises, Rubrik delivers the Polaris Data Management Platform to simplify application availability, recover quickly from ransomware, and manage sensitive data risk. Rubrik recently announced significant advances to its Polaris Data Management Platform, including

Polaris Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Protection

Rubrik introduces enterprise-grade data protection of Google Compute Virtual Machines (VMs), delivering the same radically simplified approach used to protect AWS and Azure workloads. Policy creation can be painlessly scaled across hundreds of GCP projects and regions, making it easy to automate data lifecycle management while eliminating routine backup tasks.

Polaris Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Protection

Rubrik extends its backup and recovery of Amazon Web Services to support Amazon Relational Database Service, ensuring application availability for all instance types and across availability zones.

Polaris Microsoft 365 OneDrive Protection

Rubrik expands its existing support for Microsoft 365 applications to protect OneDrive, delivering simple, secure file and folder recovery. Customers can get started quickly with a SaaS application that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. With granular recovery options to restore entire folders or a single file, organizations can gain uninterrupted access to their information assets and minimize data loss. By using Polaris Microsoft 365, customers can comply with enterprise data control requirements as their data remains within their accounts.

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