New Cloud Location in Germany

New data location meets customer needs for in-country infrastructure to support Cortex XDR, Cortex Data Lake, Cortex XSOAR, IoT Security, Prisma Access, Prisma Cloud and WildFire

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, unveiled its new German cloud location, which is dedicated to serving local and global customers.

The new cloud location now provides organisations in Germany with direct and high-performance access to Palo Alto Networks WildFire, Cortex XDR, IoT Security, SaaS Security,and Cortex Data Lake, allowing storage of their logs within Germany’s borders and also supporting businesses in the region. In addition, customers based in Germany already benefit from Palo Alto Networks local cloud locations including Prisma Access, Prisma Cloud and Cortex XSOAR.

The new data location provides a global, cloud-delivered, community-driven approach to aggregated threat analysis while simultaneously respecting the preference of some German customers for in-country infrastructure for products such as:

    • Cortex XDR
    • Cortex Data Lake
    • Cortex XSOAR
    • IoT Security
    • Prisma Access
    • Prisma Cloud
    • SaaS Security
    • WildFire

The availability of the regionally hosted services is part of Palo Alto Networks ongoing commitment to deliver the most complete set of security services locally for German and European customers, particularly those in the public sector who deal in the healthcare and Internet of Things markets. These services enable customers to balance data privacy with the ability to detect emerging threats, providing a seamless, streamlined security solution operated and delivered within Germany.

Read the full press release here.

For more information on Palo Alto Networks regional cloud locations, please visit: Regional Cloud Locations.