What’s new with VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls

Palo Alto Networks enables customers to secure applications with even more speed, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They include the recent launch of Google Cloud Intrusion Detection System (Cloud IDS), its unique flexible consumption model, new expanded features in VM-Series plugin 2.2.1, the latest Panorama plugins for Cisco ACI, Alibaba Cloud, and Oracle cloud, CN-Series deployment environment support and VM-Support for newer sizes of Azure VM firewalls.

Open Up Network Threat Protection in Google Cloud

The just announced Google Cloud Intrusion Detection Service (Cloud IDS) is a simple to use cloud native service that delivers best-in-class network threat detection to every workload and container in any Google virtual private cloud (VPC).

Expanded Features in VM-Series Plugin 2.2.1

Enhancements with VM-Series plugin 2.2.1 such as support for AWS Local Zone, support for non-uniform memory access performance optimization (NUMA) for dataplanes to enhance performance in multi-NUMA systems where dataplanes are distributed across NUMA, and the ability to enable the Intelligent Traffic Offload (ITO) service with a deployment profile that includes six or more cores for greater extensibility.

Kubernetes Core-Based Licensing Information

You can now license CN-Series firewalls based on the total number of vCPUs (cores) used by CN-NGFW pods deployed in your Kubernetes environment.

New Features in Kubernetes 2.0 plugin

The Panorama plugin for Kubernetes introduces new features in version 2.0.0, such as core-based licensing, multiple interface support, and custom certificate chaining.

Expanded CN-Series Deployment Environment Support

The industry’s first next-generation firewall (NGFW) for Kubernetes keeps getting more and more adaptable: Kubernetes 1.20 version qualification on EKS, AKS, GKE, kubespray, AWS Outpost, and more.

Support for Cisco ACI 5.1 with Panorama Plugin for Cisco ACI 2.0.2

From ensuring the correct dynamic address group count to memory allocation and processing new monitoring definitions, Palo Alto Networks has got you covered with Cisco ACI Plugin 2.0.2.

Panorama Qualification for Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Official support for Panorama in Alibaba cloud with PAN-OS 10.0 and PAN-OS 10.1 is now available along with support for Oracle Cloud with both PAN-OS versions, as well.

Expanded Coverage Across Azure VM Instances

Expanded coverage across VM instance types for running VM-Series on both Azure Commercial and Azure Government Cloud with BYOL and PAYG licensing.

Flexible Firewall Consumption Model

The credit-based licensing lets you rapidly size and scale across VM-Series, CN-Series, and related security services so that you can get the most out of your security investments.

Please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager to learn more about the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and CN-Series Next Generation Firewalls.