Pole position for customers with “Quickstart Services” from Exclusive-Networks

Munich, Brunn am Gebirge, Schlieren, 07.02.2024. Exclusive Networks, global value-added distributor for digital infrastructure security, has added an exciting service to its Professional Services: the “Quickstart Services” support specialist retail partners and end customers in speeding up the complex initial installation of new solutions so that they can be put into operation quickly. Specialist retailers benefit from high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Depending on the country, the Quickstart Services are currently available for solutions from the manufacturers Infoblox, Fortinet and – brand new – Palo Alto SASE.

At a time when digital transformation is progressing at breathtaking speed, companies around the world are facing the ever-increasing challenge of effectively protecting their networks and data. The complexity and volume of cyber threats are constantly increasing, forcing organisations of all sizes to continuously adapt and strengthen their security strategies.

In this dynamic environment, it is crucial that new security solutions are implemented as smoothly and quickly as possible to ensure the protection of critical infrastructures without delay.

However, integrating new security solutions into large and complex IT environments is time-consuming: The infrastructure must first be analysed and the installation must be optimally planned and designed. This requires in-depth knowledge of the solution to be implemented and presents IT teams and/or service providers with major challenges, as there are no generally applicable standard solutions for the installation process.

This is where Exclusive Networks comes in with its new Quickstart Professional Services, which have been specially developed for cybersecurity solutions from Infoblox, Fortinet and – new to the portfolio – Palo Alto Networks SASE.

“The installation of a high-end security solution can become extremely complex and quickly lead to a large time gap between implementation and commissioning,” explains André Dieball, Director Technical Customer Success DACH, Exclusive Networks Deutschland GmbH. “Especially with a security solution, there is time pressure because an acute problem needs to be solved. That’s why we developed our Quickstart Services.”

The installation and configuration of the security solutions are carried out by experienced and manufacturer-certified security engineers who not only have technical expertise, but also in-depth insights into the specific requirements and challenges of the respective industries. This expertise guarantees the best possible outcome for the customer and ensures that the implemented solutions are optimally tailored to individual security requirements.

Another core element of the Quickstart services is the option of “shadowing”, which gives resellers or end customers the chance to look over the shoulders of experienced engineers during the implementation phase. This hands-on knowledge transfer enables participants to learn valuable expertise directly from experts while developing a deeper understanding of the functionality and benefits of the cybersecurity solutions used.

By introducing Quickstart services in DACH for solutions from leading vendors such as Infoblox and Palo Alto Networks, as well as Quickstart services for Fortinet in Germany and Austria, Exclusive Networks is emphasising its commitment to providing high-quality, efficient and practical cybersecurity solutions and services to the channel.

Organisations will benefit from faster implementation, reduced lead times and increased efficiency in securing their digital assets. In addition, the services help to strengthen confidence in their own security measures and create a solid foundation for overcoming future challenges in the area of cybersecurity.

The Quickstart services offer several advantages for specialist retail partners in particular: they can position their own brand as customer-orientated and reliable, as the new solution goes live quickly and smoothly. This positive experience from the first moment of using the product has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“In a world where time is often the most critical factor in the fight against cyber threats, our Quickstart services offer a welcome solution to protect organisations faster and more effectively than ever before,” says André Dieball.

More information about Exclusive Networks’ Quickstart services and how they can transform cybersecurity strategy can be found on the website.