There is no need to worry!

“It sometimes seems as if market research institutes and security vendors are competing to see who can report the more frightening figures on data leaks, cyber attacks or data theft. This is scary. Legislators are also reacting to the threat situation, and government regulations in DACH and throughout the EU are becoming stricter and tighter. All of this is having an effect. Companies are becoming more aware of the need to provide protection.

As a result, boardrooms are reserving a large part of their IT budgets for the development and expansion of data protection infrastructure and are pushing for quick solutions. However, the panic caused by the threat scenarios and floods of figures mentioned above is a bad counsellor and often counterproductive. After all, building effective cyber protection means coolly identifying the risk, realistically assessing and correctly categorising your own situation and then developing and implementing the appropriate strategies, tools and measures. This in turn requires expertise and resources.

This is where our work as a cybersecurity expert and value-added distributor begins.

Worldwide, around 2,800 providers of IT security solutions alone are competing for customers. Who is supposed to maintain an overview? No single company or service provider can do that. We bring our global and tried-and-tested network of vendors and specialist retail partners to bear here, with their different and flexible solution portfolios, which we as a VAD have familiarised ourselves with in many projects and sometimes applied globally. And this network is constantly growing.

The multifaceted range of tasks that we offer our customers is also reflected in our services: starting with financing offers for projects, numerous technical support programmes for well-known vendors, cloud services or the offers on our “Exclusive Access” customer portal, we offer our specialist retail partners comprehensive support. As an authorised training centre, we also see it as an important task to pass on the knowledge gained from our day-to-day work around the globe to our partners and end customers. In this way, we also act as a multiplier for the specialists who are so urgently needed when introducing a resilient IT infrastructure.

We kept many of our promises last year and increased our manpower. In the new year, we will continue to drive forward digitalisation and refine our services. Our overriding goal is to offer our customers access to the best possible security for their IT, their data and their employees. So there’s no need to worry!”

Marcus Adä, Managing Director of Exclusive Networks Germany and Regional Manager DACH.