Proofpoint: Knowledge is security

Proofpoint: Knowledge is security

The English philosopher Francis Bacon once said: Knowledge is power. This may still be true today. But even more important in our IT world is the statement: knowledge is security. With Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, your customers can gain the knowledge they need to maximize security so that every user becomes a strong line of defense against phishing and other cyberattacks. The in-person training provides targeted education so your customers know specifically what to do when faced with a real threat.

Three steps to maximum security

  • Step 1: Assessment:
    The first step to building an effective security program is to assess the current state. That is, who the vulnerable users are, what they know – or what they believe. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training offers a number of valuable tools here, including phishing simulations, testing and internal cybersecurity assessments.
  • Step 2: Change behavior:
    With Proofpoint, your customers learn to recognize threats, report them – and stop falling for them. The learning approach keeps users engaged at all times with micro-learning content based on real-world threats. This means you can deliver targeted training tailored to users’ respective vulnerabilities, roles and skills – in more than 40 languages.
  • Step 3: Measure success:
    It’s important to evaluate the success of any security program and then determine what adjustments should be made to improve it. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training makes it possible to effectively measure the progress of a training program. The CISO dashboard captures behavioral changes, uncovers user vulnerabilities, and also enables comparison with other organizations.

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We believe: IT security is one of the most important educational goals of our time. Contact your sales team now and let us show you what opportunities there are for your company. You can find more information here.