Rubrik + Microsoft = New opportunities for your business

Rubrik + Microsoft = New opportunities for your business

What is Rubrik certification all about? First and foremost, it’s about ensuring Teams data is supported with automated protection and rapid data recovery across the enterprise. In this regard, Microsoft Teams Backup & Restore Certification provides assurance that each participating partner’s solution has been tested and verified to ensure the quality, compatibility and reliability expected of Microsoft solutions. As a certified Backup & Restore provider, Rubrik thus ensures access to Teams data – and complies with all certification guidelines.

With Rubrik to more security for Microsoft

As a certified provider, Rubrik also enables your organization to receive world-class solution services. Rubrik has already completed a wide range of support integration activities in this area. Microsoft Teams Backup & Restore certification underscores its commitment to protecting the Microsoft 365 suite. This applies to incidents such as accidental deletion or account compromise, incidents such as stolen credentials, or hackers manipulating or deleting retention policies to potentially remove data from an environment.

Zero Trust for Microsoft 365

Rubrik provides policy-based security for Microsoft 365 based on Zero Trust. In the event of a data breach, an isolated backup ensures the ability to recover from ransomware and provides the assurance of being able to restore data from a clean copy. Data is thereby secure not only in Microsoft 365, but also in the enterprise cloud and SaaS applications, accessible from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Offer Rubrik now!

Rubrik also does everything correctly when it comes to Microsoft. Contact your sales team now and let us show you what opportunities are available for your company. You can find more information here.