Ransomware Protection

Shield your enterprise with intelligent and purpose-built security

Defeating ransomware requires advanced, proactive AI-powered security, automated across network and endpoints.

Some of the challenges security teams face include

  • Legacy solutions can’t effectively stop advanced ransomware – Traditional network and endpoint security simply haven’t kept up with rapidly evolving threats. Relying on outdated antivirus signatures won’t help you block new and evasive ransomware.
  • Adversaries use evasion to stay under the radar – Attackers today leverage sophisticated evasion techniques like running in memory and loading malware from virtual machines to bypass endpoint defenses.
  • Ransomware can spread rapidly across your environment – Ryuk, WastedLocker, REvil and other ransomware use targeted attack techniques and worm-like capabilities to swiftly infect hosts. You must block every step of an attack, from delivery to hard-to-detect lateral movement, and then quickly restore compromised hosts if needed.

Palo Alto Networks can help with their approach to ransomware protection. Their approach is

  • Intelligent and secure in that it defeats ransomware with machine learning
  • Consistent and automated to stop threats instantly in all locations
  • Inclusive of response and recovery with the support of “special forces»

Their products help protect assets from ransomware. These include

To learn more about protecting assets from ransomware or the Palo Alto Networks portfolio, please contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.