The New PA-400 Series NGFW

The new Palo Alto Networks PA-400 Series, comprising the PA-460, PA-450, PA-440, and PA-410, brings Machine Learning (ML)-Powered Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities to distributed enterprise branch offices, retail locations, and midsize businesses at a very attractive price. These compact appliances are ideal for organizations searching for high performance security solutions that are easy to use, resilient, and affordable. They enable you to prevent unknown threats, see and secure everything—including the Internet of Things (IoT)—and reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations.

Key security and connectivity features include

  • ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall
  • Identifies and categorizes all applications, on all ports, all the time, with full Layer 7 inspection
  • Enforces security for users at any location, on any device, while adapting policy based on user activity
  • Prevents malicious activity concealed in encrypted traffic
  • Offers centralized management and visibility
  • Detect and prevent advanced threats with cloud-delivered security services, including Threat Prevention, Advanced URL Filtering, Wildfire, DNS Security, IoT Security, Enterprise DLP and SaaS Security
  • Enables SD-WAN functionality
  • Delivers a unique approach to packet processing with Single-Pass Architecture

To enable easier, faster adoption of their industry-leading Cloud-Delivered Security Services and simplify procurement, Palo Alto Networks introduced the PA-400 Series Subscription Bundles. The PA-400 Series Subscription Bundles offer a simplified buying process, competitive pricing and superior value over the competition. There are two PA-400 Series Subscription Bundles available, Professional and Enterprise. The Professional, or PRO Bundle, packages “security essentials” and provides customers with comprehensive network and web security capabilities. The Enterprise, or ENT Bundle, offers “all-in, comprehensive security,” the best-in-class security from Palo Alto Networks.

Download the PA-400 Series datasheet here or read Nick Campagnas blog on the Subscription Bundles here.

Please contact your local Exclusive Network Account Manager to learn more about the new PA-400 Series and the PA-400 Series Subscription Bundles.