Rubrik: Cyberattacks are inevitable – but the damage is preventable

There is no question that cyberattacks will be with us for a long time to come, and they represent an enormous burden for companies and organizations, from the largest banks to the private home office and even into the nursery. The scope and scale of this problem remains daunting. According to Rubrik Zero Labs’ “The State of Data Security” report, 98% of businesses have been the victim of a cyberattack in the past year. That means nearly every company has been compromised to some degree – and that attackers are sitting in their respective IT environments looking for the right data object to attack.

Rubrik: The damage can be averted

Rubrik currently supports a government-wide approach to solving these challenges we all face. Our hope for change in the cybersecurity industry, Rubrik said, is to focus even more on resilience – or to put it another way, to bring the issue of cyber resilience forward with even more vigor.

To date, the security industry has focused primarily on infrastructure and attack prevention and detection, delivering increasingly sophisticated technological versions of the same approach. Cue “higher walls and wider trenches.” Modern attacks, however, are not only technologically sophisticated, but also psychological. Specifically, that means they exploit human weaknesses. After all, we’re quick to click on an important email from a seemingly trustworthy source, or reluctant to install patches for known software vulnerabilities. And it’s these points that need to be addressed.

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