With Neskope to better and more affordable network security

More and more enterprises are now recognizing the value of the NaaS model, where capital expenditures are replaced with a lower cost of ownership model and management of all network components is outsourced. Alongside this approach, enterprises are also replacing traditional connectivity, including MPLS circuits, with an SD-WAN model for WAN connectivity.

One area that is often overlooked in the move to NaaS is the integration of the security layer. Network traffic does not pass through the infrastructure that enterprises have built within the data center. Rather, it traverses the Internet without coming into contact with traditional security layers. Enterprises cannot troubleshoot here.

More security with SASE

Netskope: there is now an opportunity to move security to a “single” cloud-based enforcement point, where remote application access in particular will be deeply integrated. This is precisely the essential premise of SASE. The SASE model often still requires an on-premises hardware or virtual layer. But one of the benefits of the SASE model is that it further simplifies this hardware by eliminating the need for VPN concentrators, advanced branch and subsidiary firewalls, and on-premises Web filtering.

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