Disrupting attacks that use DNS with the DNS Security Service

Apply predictive analytics to disrupt attacks that use DNS for command and control or data theft

The Domain Name System (DNS) is wide open for attackers. According to Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 threat research team, almost 80 percent of malware uses DNS to initiate command-and-control (C2) procedures. Unfortunately, security teams lack basic visibility into how threats use DNS to maintain control of infected devices.

It’s impossible to keep up with the high volume of malicious domains, let alone advanced tactics like DNS tunneling for stealthy data theft. Current approaches lack automation—requiring changes to DNS infrastructure—or drown you in uncoordinated data from independent tools. It’s time to take back control of your DNS traffic.

The Palo Alto Networks DNS Security service applies predictive analytics to disrupt attacks that use DNS for C2 or data theft. Tight integration with Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls gives you automated protection and eliminates the need for independent tools. Threats hidden in DNS traffic are rapidly identified with shared threat intelligence and machine learning. Cloud-based protections scale infinitely and are always up to date, giving your organization a critical new control point to stop attacks that use DNS.

DNS is a massive and often overlooked attack surface present in every organization. Adversaries take advantage of the ubiquitous nature of DNS to abuse it at multiple points of an attack, including reliable C2. Security teams struggle to keep up with new malicious domains and enforce consistent protections for millions of emerging domains at once. The DNS Security Service predict and blocks new malicious domains.

Advanced attackers use DNS tunneling to hide data theft or C2 in standard DNS traffic. The sheer volume of DNS traffic often means defenders simply lack the visibility or resources to universally inspect it for threats. The DNS Security Service neutralizes DNS Tunneling.

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