SSL/TLS Decryption with Gigamon

SSL Decryption is critical to securing today’s enterprise networks due to the significant growth in applications and services using encrypted traffic. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an industry standard for transmitting secure data over the Internet. It is based on a system of trusted certificates issued by certificate authorities and recognized by servers. In recent years, SSL has evolved to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) standard.

Malware increasingly uses SSL/TLS sessions to hide, confident that security tools will neither inspect nor block its traffic. The very technology that makes the Internet secure can become a significant threat vector.

It is therefore essential to decrypt SSL/TLS traffic while respecting privacy controls. However, decrypting SSL/TLS traffic is extremely computation intensive. Therefore, a network security architecture that replicates SSL/TLS decryption creates performance bottlenecks in multiple security tools.

GigaSMART® SSL/TLS Decryption is a licensed application that enables SecOps, NetOps and Applications teams to obtain complete visibility into SSL/TLS traffic regardless protocol or application, so that they can monitor application performance, analyze usage patterns and secure their networks against data breaches and threats using encrypted communications.  Gigamon supports both inline/MiTM and passive/out-of-band decryption of SSL/TLS, meeting the diverse needs of your organization.

  • SSL/TLS detection on any port or application
  • 10 Mb to 100Gb interface support
  • Decrypt once, share with any tools as many times as you need
  • Strong crypto support including Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral, Elliptic Curves, Poly1305/ChaCha20
  • Power controls over certificate validation, extending Certificate Revocation Lists and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
  • Meet privacy and compliance requirements: included support for URL categorization

To learn more about SSL/TLS Decryption with Gigamon, please go to the Gigamon Website and contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.