Tanium can be used to accomplish a lot in 5 days.

There’s no question about it: IT security has been ingrained into every company today. But despite all the investments into IT security products and services, most organizations don’t have a systematic way to assess their cyber risk. When asked to characterize their existing risks, IT managers may become nervous because they usually lack any concrete assessment of their overall risk.

Tanium Risk Assessment

This is where the Tanium Risk Assessment comes in. Over a five-day period, Tanium monitors and analyzes the global IT infrastructure in action, analyzing the risks within that infrastructure and providing a detailed, actionable summary that IT decision-makers can use to immediately address relevant security deficiencies.

Setting up Tanium Risk Assessment is quick and easy – only five hours are typically required. Once NDAs are signed, Tanium securely connects its Tanium Cloud Services to the organization’s IT infrastructure and analyzes endpoints across all networks, including on-premises, Cloud and remote endpoints.

Tanium then monitors network activity; analyzes patch status, suspicious traffic patterns and other vulnerabilities; and produces a comprehensive report with an overall risk assessment. Strengths are also highlighted. The company is compared to others to get a sense of how likely it is to become a target of an attack.

Identifies risks quickly – and fixes them permanently

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