Forescout enables optimized security for OT and IoT.

Risks and threats impacting OT domains are on the rise and require cybersecurity solutions that can scale across an organization’s infrastructure. Organizations with OT and ICS networks also face a shortage of cybersecurity skills and resources, making it increasingly difficult to keep pace with current threat trends. To address these issues, Forescout provides new capabilities for OT as well as IoT devices

Here’s an overview of the key enhancements:

Optimised user experience

  • A streamlined user interface for more efficient workflows, including at-a-glance insights into trends and risks across all OT networks.
  • A scalable asset page for effective analysis of risks, vulnerabilities, and communications..
  • A new alerts page for better prioritization of threat response.


Effektive deployment

  • New sensor templates and centralized sensor configuration ensure faster deployment, even to hundreds of sites.
  • The ability to monitor up to 10 Gbps for centralized deployment models.
  • Support for DHCP networks and devices.


Increased visibility and discovery

  • Expanded protocol coverage of more than 250 IT, OT and IoT protocols to help customers identify and evaluate more assets and vendors.
  • Expanded coverage of 30 active queries to identify common OT, IoT and IT devices.
  • Extension framework for active queries and asset classification


Flexible deployment options

  • All passive and active sensors are deployed as containers by default
  • Support for low-cost hardware for decentralization or segmented networks.
  • Support for deployment on third-party network infrastructure hardware.
  • Ability to deploy Command Center in private AWS and Azure instances.


Need additional information?

Feel free to contact us and allow us to show you what the Forescout Continuum platform can do for you as a reseller.