Tanium – Sensitive Data Monitoring

A platform made for the global workplace – Tanium

All the power of the Tanium platform is available via the cloud with full management capabilities. Powerful features provide visibility, control and response for easy and reliable ‘Sensitive Data Monitoring’.

Real-time visibility: Managers get comprehensive, accurate and real-time information about IT environments of any size, no matter where endpoints are located.

Comprehensive control: Take lightning-fast, accurate action on thousands of issues, from patching to stopping processes, without adding agents or complexity.

Fast reaction: Incidents can be contained when traditional safeguards fail to quickly assess disruptions and stop threats.


Further advantages at a glance:

  • Control all End points from anywhere, at any time.
  • Instantly patch across the enterprise complexity of networks, computer groups and device types.
  • Performance optimisation through system-level diagnostics and elimination of processes with high CPU consumption.
  • Pre-packaged software for rapid setup and deployment in a geographically dispersed environment.
  • Scan, add or block unmanaged assets by monitoring local subnets and defined segments in the network.


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