Proofpoint PSAT Incentive: Profit now!

PSAT: 3 demos = 2 winner

Proofpoint wants to help you as a partner attract new customers and strengthen your business by rewarding Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (PSAT) demos for new prospects.

Did you know that on PSAT more than 75% of demos lead to an opportunity?*

These numbers speak for themselves!

To help you succeed, Proofpoint has therefore put together a simple yet effective incentive for you.

To be eligible for your rewards, all you need to do is join the Proofpoint PSAT Demo Incentive Programme and book 3 PSAT demos.**

The incentive runs until March 2022.

Many rewards are waiting to be won: Headphones, earphones, spa treatments and much more!

Are you interested?

  1. Book 3 PSAT demos with 3 new PSAT prospects who each have more than 1,000 users. Your marketing department can support you with the latest PSAT campaign for partners!
  2. Follow the tracking process for the demos to ensure you are eligible.
  3. Have your sales engineer with PSAT specialisation (or a Proofpoint sales engineer) perform the 3 PSAT demos.
  4. Contact your Proofpoint CAM*** to validate your demos or email

Don’t forget that your CAM can assist you in compiling a list of suitable prospects!
Find out more on the Proopoint page in the Partner Portal. Alternatively, you can contact your Proofpoint Account Manager. Full details can be found here.

Are you using the PSAT CISO Dashboard?
PSAT now offers a useful CISO dashboard.
The CISO dashboard provides an overview of your security awareness training programme and identifies user participation and attainment. At the same time, you also learn who the most vulnerable employees are.
The dashboard includes concise and easy-to-understand values and charts so you can perform important data analysis immediately.

The PSAT demos and informative CISO dashboard give you new ways to engage your prospects.
You can access the administrator’s guide here to familiarise yourself with the new feature.

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact your Exclusive Networks representative.

*Example: 31 out of 41 PSAT demos conducted in Europe, Middle East and Africa by a Proofpoint sales engineer over a 3-month period in 2021 resulted in a confirmed opportunity.
**In recognition of 6 confirmed PSAT demos recorded and conducted at 6 different eligible prospects, you can win a maximum of 2 rewards per person.
***Some rewards and team activities may depend on your location. Alcoholic beverages are not available as a reward in the Middle East. Just ask your Proofpoint CAM or Channel Marketing Manager for details.