Traps™ 6.0 – Great Prevention Gets Even Better

With the newly released Traps™ 6.0, Traps endpoint protection and response now includes a Behavioral Threat Protection engine that stops advanced threats in real time by stitching together a chain of events to identify malicious activity. Traps 6.0 acts as the ultimate data collection sensor for Cortex Data Lake, gathering the most comprehensive endpoint security data in the industry. In conjunction with Cortex XDR, customers can use Traps to extend their prevention capabilities to include detection and response across their entire digital infrastructure with a single agent.

Behavioral Threat Protection

Behavioral Threat Protection detects and stops attack activity by monitoring for malicious sequences across processes and terminating attacks when detected.

Rich Data Collection for Cortex XDR™

To accelerate threat investigation and incident response, Traps can now collect detailed information about all active process, network, file, and registry activity on an endpoint. From the Cortex XDR app, you can view the activity details collected by Traps to understand the event context and gain insight on the event scope.

Response Actions

Traps uses the Cortex Data Lake to store all event and incident data captured, allowing a clean handoff to Cortex XDR for further investigation and incident response. Cortex XDR cloud-based detection and response is an app that empowers SecOps to stop sophisticated attacks and adapt defences in real time.

Traps for Linux-Containers

Traps now extends Linux exploit and malware protection to processes that run in Linux containers. When you install Traps on a Linux server, Traps automatically protects any new and existing containerized processes regardless of the container solution (e.g., docker).

Malware Protection for Linux

Traps can now prevent known and unknown malware from running on Linux servers by leveraging WildFire threat intelligence and local analysis to analyze ELF files.

Source:: Website from Palo Alto Networks

To learn more about the features and capabilities of Traps™ 6.0, please consult the Palo Alto Networks NextWave Partnerportal or contact your local Exclusive Networks Account Manager.