With Arista to Zero-Trust plus NAV (Network Analysis Visualization)

Arista excels in innovative solutions and exceptional performance. As a leader in the IT security industry, Arista provides intelligent NAV solutions that help organizations implement Zero Trust.

Implement Zero Trust with ease.

Based on current Arista solutions, zero trust can be easily and consistently implemented in any organization. Arista solutions enable network visibility without compromise. Based on innovative NAV technology, Arista provides comprehensive visibility into all network traffic – from all endpoints to the cloud.

NAV as critical zero trust technology

There is no Zero Trust without insights into what is happening on the networks. NAV technology provides comprehensive information “on” correlation and insights “into” all aspects of the network. Organizations are implementing NAV solutions to gain visibility wherever their networks are – in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments. More and more security teams are using NAV solutions to monitor network traffic, detect threats, discover applications and resources.

Forrester makes a clear call

Forrester’s announcement is unmistakable: companies should now look for providers that have integrated decryption functions. Above all, encryption of data at rest and in transit are important principles of Zero Trust. Visibility of all network traffic is an absolute basic rule here.

Read now: Arista at Forrester

The Forrester study highlights the current technology landscape and provides insights into future security developments. Find out here why Arista plays a prominent role in implementing the Zero Trust strategy. For all further information on Arista, please contact us. You can find the current Forrester Report here.