Service on demand: “Service Credits” from Exclusive Networks

Munich, July 27, 2023 – The expertise of the distributor in the form of professional services or training is an important building block for the success of a project. However, the need and time often arise very spontaneously and then it sometimes has to happen quickly. But ordering services from the distributor is sometimes a lengthy, time-consuming process on the customer side, which often cannot be influenced by the employees in the company making the request. To meet the needs of its customers, Exclusive Networks has pragmatically developed its “Service Credits”. With it, services can be called up quickly, uncomplicatedly and to the point.

“We need a quick…. “: This situation is probably familiar to every IT service provider when an unforeseen situation arises in the project that requires the support of its distributor by its experts. Be it that suddenly an important know-how carrier fails, special knowledge is missing, or an extremely short maintenance window must be used. In all situations, the following applies: Support is needed as quickly as possible – without having to switch to and adhere to longer processes.

The distributor is usually unprepared for such a call for help, because it is not uncommon for him to only learn about the ongoing project at this point. However, the normal ordering process for services takes time: the exact details must be known in order to be able to call up services, a quotation is written, and the order must be placed. It can often take too long for the assistance to arrive at the project.

“To counteract such a situation, we have developed the offer of ‘Service Credits’ for our partners and thus meet an urgent need,” explains André Dieball, Director Customer Success DACH at Exclusive Networks. “The credits are purchased as a package, are available on demand, and our partners can redeem them flexibly for our various services exactly when they need them.” The services are available as credits at any time after payment. If a service is requested, simply quote the invoice number and the service will be debited. When 80 percent of the credits have been used, the customer is notified.

“The Services Credits are a really helpful invention that give project managers an important piece of flexibility. They have already helped us out of a few predicaments. It’s a good feeling to have Exclusive’s experts on call, so to speak,” comments Bernhard Engelhardt, Managing Director of b-concept GmbH, on the offer.

“In addition to these requests during the year, the Service Credits also perform well, especially in year-end business,” knows André Dieball “If, at the end of the year, corporate customers still have to use up any remaining budgets, this of course also works with the Service Credit packages – even if, at the current point in time, it is not yet certain which services will be incurred when in which project.”

Unlimited freedom of movement

The Service Credits are available in scales: the package starting with 20 credits at a list price of 660 euros, and the package starting with 50 credits at 600 euros per credit. They can be redeemed flexibly for Professional Services from all vendors and technologies served. All offers listed in the Exclusive Networks training catalog are also available, as well as onsite training at the end customer. What the partner uses them for is entirely up to him, as they are not tied to a project or an end customer.

The “Service Credits” offer is valid for the entire DACH region.