New Exclusive Global Deal Desk. Accelerate global deals.

Exclusive Global Deal Desk, is a specialist concierge-style service built to handle all global deals. It is designed to help our partners and vendors to accelerate global deals and manage them more efficiently.

Managing global deals is becoming increasingly tough. Languages, cultures, currencies, time zones, laws, policies, politics, and economies are all different. In addition, deal values and project scope are growing, sales cycles are lengthening, and teams often don’t have the bandwidth to deploy projects globally.

Launched in September, we’ve already quoted significant multi-million dollar opportunities with key global players, and have fostered great synergy with our strategic vendors.

Exclusive Global Deal Desk cuts through those challenges and orchestrates a team of experts in Sales, Legal, Finance, Tax & Compliance, Supply Chain & Logistics as well as Global Services to get your global deal done.

The Exclusive Global Deal Desk team is ready to assist you whenever and wherever you need them. For more information check out our webpage or speak to your local Exclusive Networks Vendor Manager.