Why choose Exclusive as your cybersecurity partner

The reliance on digital infrastructure is immense, the pressure to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber threats is mounting and skills are in short supply. That is why the world needs a specialist like Exclusive Networks:

  • Powered by a portfolio of world-leading cybersecurity technologies
  • Enhanced by a vast array of unique value-add services
  • Delivered through an omnipresent channel
  • Supported by a network of Exclusive experts and specialists

Our approach

Our distinctive approach to distribution gives partners more opportunity and more customer relevance. We equip our partners to capitalise on rapidly evolving technologies and transformative business models:

  • Outsource Managed Security Services (MSS) to Exclusive
  • Deliver cybersecurity as a subscription with our on-demand platform
  • Utilise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to support cloud transformations
  • Procure market-leading technologies such as Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Crowdstrike and SentinelOne

Our commitment to innovation

We are doing what has not been done before – providing the channel with the extreme focus and value expected of local independents whilst having the scale and service delivery of a single worldwide distribution powerhouse:

Exclusive Networks has significant scale and geographical reach, with the ability to service customers across five continents with a global network of third-party specialists that create value for clients by providing on-the-ground services in over 100 countries and logistics capabilities in more than 150 countries.

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    customers in
    >150 countries

    1:2 ratio
    technical engineers
    to sales

    training centres


    Expertise in
    DevOps, Cloud,
    and Kubernetes

    Exclusive Networks are the first and only in technology distribution to change the rules.

    We are not only adding value in the channel but we are creating it by defining, developing and driving new market opportunities from technology.