Convergent data protection for the entire IT environment.

Netskope expands its Intelligent SSE platform with the introduction of the Endpoint DLP solution. Netskope customers can now concisely protect their data across SaaS, IaaS, private applications, web, email and endpoints with a single converged solution. Whilst nearly all competitors only offer unified management or provide data protection for only specific vectors, Netskope is currently the only vendor that enables all-around converged data protection for the entire IT environment.

Here is an overview of the key features and benefits of Endpoint DLP:

  • Context-aware, trusted data protection on local peripherals and devices such as USB drives and printers..
  • Unified data classification, policy enforcement, and event management for DLP across SaaS, IaaS, private apps, web, email, and endpoints.
  • A patented endpoint agent with contextual privacy policies that improve the user experience.
  • Machine learning and advanced analytics to simplify data classification and policy definition..
  • UEBA enables identification and stopping of complex data loss scenarios, such as insider risk where users misuse their access to data.

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