Google und Okta: The perfect partners for maximum security.

According to Google, the Okta integration is all about enabling improved protection for users and endpoints. Additionally, IT departments will now have more ways to report security incidents. Overall, it will be much easier for organizations to work towards a zero-trust model.

Above all, Okta and Chrome Enterprise will give employees easy and secure access to enterprise applications – regardless of where they’re working. With the new integration, employees can open any Chrome OS device and gain comprehensive access to their apps and assets via Okta’s seamless pass-through authentication.

Here are the key features and benefits

  • Chrome OS supports native Okta login, including MFA, right out of the box.
  • Employees can configure new Chrome OS devices that are automatically managed within Google device policies.
  • Okta workflows help keep the Okta or Active Directory password in sync with the device.
  • Okta’s support for Chrome OS login policies enables administrators to design the user experience for Chrome OS users.

Chrome Enterprise, latest

Watch the June 8 on-demand webinar now to learn more about Chrome Enterprise. The webinar can be found here.