Maximize Your Security ROI

The most important results of the Forrester study:

  • Based on Palo Alto Networks solutions, organisations were able to significantly reduce costly security breaches, increase visibility, implement a zero-trust security model, and comprehensively apply consistent security policies. Cloud-based security services complemented existing SecOps teams with 24/7 support including prevention for vulnerabilities and all known and unknown threats.
  • Security and IT operations efficiency: Security teams were able to reduce investigations by 35%, improve MTTR by 20% and halve the number of devices requiring re-imaging.
  • The deployment of Palo Alto Networks’ security solutions improved network visibility and enabled automation capabilities that significantly reduced the number of critical alarms, including false alarms.
  • Traditional users “in the field” are also on the safe side with Palo Alto: improved end-user productivity is clearly demonstrable through a noticeable reduction in incidents and investigations. With Palo Alto’s security solutions, end users spend less time with the security and IT teams – and more time focusing on their real, productive tasks.

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