Introducing X-OD

X-OD simplifies technology consumption

Automation, hyperconnectivity and instant access to information have switched the power to your customer. Your customers now demand speed, flexibility and choice. Remodelling your business to cloud based consumption will drive growth, loyalty and customer success.

X-OD is the digital face of Exclusive Networks. It is the online delivery channel for all Exclusive Networks cybersecurity & Infrastructure products and services. It is designed to simplify technology consumption and fast forward your success in the subscription economy.

3 Principles for faster growth

01. Transforming business to subscriptions 

 02. Digitalising your value chain



03. Empowering you with the expertise to achieve success



The new way to manage and distribute technology

X-OD, the on-demand platform by Exclusive Networks, brings together all of Exclusive Networks’ products and services in one place. This fully digitised eco-system enables you to buy, manage and distribute technology and create your own subscription-based service wrappers in exactly the way your customers want to buy.



Win more opportunities with simple & flexible subscriptions

We live in an on-demand world and your customers now have extreme expectations for choice, flexibility, automation and instant access to new technologies

X-OD is designed to help the channel deliver on these expectations.


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Simplifying Cyber & Cloud Procurement

X-OD provides customers with a new way to consume cyber and cloud technologies.

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